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HUB Enterprises Key Personnel

Vice President of Operations
David Buchanan800-873-0933 x271
Assistant Vice President of Investigations
Todd Mercier800-873-0933 x401
Assistant Vice President of Research and SIU Services
Kurt Mercier800-873-0933 x402
Training Department
Director of Recruiting and Training
Bill Howe800-873-0933 x226
Darlene Cormier800-873-0933 x234
George White800-873-0933 x205
Information Technology
Help Desk800-873-0933
Bill Connolly800-873-0933 x257
Client Relations Team
Heather Ross800-873-0933 x234
Angele Hebert800-873-0933 x313
Nicole Domingue800-873-0933 x233
Peggy Smith800-873-0933 x276
Lencia Senegal800-873-0933 x320
Alexandra Hebert800-873-0933 x278
Bailey Deranger800-873-0933 x301
Financial Services
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Mouton800-873-0933 x224
Accounts Receivable
Tammy Viator800-873-0933 x267
Executive Contacts
Chip Romero800-873-0933 x202
Vice President
Robin Buchanan800-873-0933 x210
Executive Assistant
Anna Daigle800-873-0933 x347
Contact via Email: hub@hubenterprises.com